Men with benign prostate enlargement who used finasteride (also known as proscar and propecia) to treat their condition, experienced worsening erectile dysfunction (ED) that did not resolve with continued treatment. In addition, they experienced a reduction in their testosterone levels leading to hypogonadism (little to no production of sex hormones). However, men who used tamsulosin (flomax) experienced none of these adverse side effects. The findings, currently available online in the journal Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation, were led by researcher from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM).
Considerable controversy exists regarding the severity and persistence of the adverse effects of 5α reductase inhibitors (5α-RIs) such as finasteride. Many investigators believe that the adverse effects on sexual function affects only a small proportion of treated patients and such adverse effects are thought to resolve with continuing treatment. The researchers found that the men treated with finasteride experienced marked and significant gradual decrease in their erectile function and had significant and progressive decline in total testosterone levels while those on the tamsulosin therapy did not. ED can be effectively treated by Suhagra – a Sildenafil drug.


Erectile dysfunction appears in men starting from young age. This disease affects the male sexual function and leads to an inability to maintain an erection during sexual activity. The USA statistics say that this sexual disorder is inherent to men from 40 to 70 years old. However, there are a lot of cases when young men of 18 experienced the problems with the erectile maintenance. In this case, such problems are frequently caused by the psychological factors. Men feel overwhelming anxiety and they are scared to make something wrong. As a result, they cannot be sexually active or ejaculate too soon.
The last symptom is considered to be premature ejaculation. This disease is more common to younger men. However, this disorder can be caused not only by the psychological reasons. Hypersensitivity of penis can also result in premature ejaculating process. PE can be treated by the chemical ingredient Dapoxetine which is the only one enzyme inhibitor used for the cure of premature ejaculation. It delays the ejaculating process and prolongs sexual intercourse.

Men experience difficult situations and problems almost every day. Continual stresses, depressions and concerns often lead to male impotence. That is why men are recommended to attend a psychologist or to have several hours per week for rest and silence. Such procedures help men to relax and to concentrate on something good which does not cause any stressful situations. The mental and psychological factors play an important role in the normal operation of the reproductive function.    
The majority of ED cases are the reasons of physiological disorders. The diseases of the neurological system present danger to the male sexual function. Such diseases include: Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, lobe epilepsy and stroke. The scientists proved that Alzheimer’s disease can be effectively treated by the famous ED medicine Brand Viagra. Its main enzyme component Sildenafil Citrate is used in many spheres of human health care. Viagra got the approval of FDA for the cure of male impotence ant became the first ED drug in the human history. Today, there are a lot of other ED medicines such as Levitra and Cialis and their generic analogs. Generic Viagra and other versions of ED drugs are cheaper in price. They provide the same effect on a male body and should be tested by FDA before the mass-production.    
Another one common factor which influences male sexual capacity in a negative way is the diseases of the endocrine system. This system develops the hormones which are vital and helpful for the operation of the sexual and reproductive functions, mood and mental health. When these hormones are damaged, men can experience the problems connected with their sexual function.
Diabetes is the disease of the endocrine system. It often causes male impotence. Some drugs for ED cure are prohibited for the intake if men suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, such PDE 5 inhibitor as Vardenafil 20 mg, which is the chemical name of the medication Levitra, can be used by men who experience this horrible disease. Male sexual capacity is affected every day by different factors including the eating habits. So it is necessary to eat healthy food. To the record, some food products can even enhance sexual potency and provide the improvements of the male sexual function.

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